Being a celebrity is one hard job if I must say.


You need to be a role model, always make sure that you are on the right track and do good things or else you will be left embarrassed and humiliated. Prezzo who is no newcomer to controversy is once again in the headlines. This time round not for assaulting people or fighting his exes but he is involved in a drama with his lover Michelle Yola.

The power couple have been the talk of the town ever since they joined Nairobi Diaries. They managed to impress many but it seems Prezzo’s ‘thirsty’ behavior is going to cost him. The king of Bling and Michelle are no longer an item. The sultry lass shared the news over the weekend claiming that she was single.

“Single and ready to Mingle”

This is not the first time Prezzo and Michelle are breaking up as they did the same a few months ago but reconciled and got back together.jj
Anyway, according to Michelle, Prezzo has been cheating on her and it seems she can’t take this anymore and has decided to move on.
“I hate when people tell me ‘I TOLD YOU’ but when someone is a PROFESSIONAL LIAR you can NEVER kno or see thru their bulshit …ladies take my advice from experience never attack ‘the other woman’ YOUR MAN is the one you should deal with cz the same way he’s lying to you is the same way he’s lying to her.But atleast I confronted her and found out the truth..Goodluck to the next puppet you’ll have to deal with such stuff now n then????????
pressure itakumaliza???????? ‘Baba Zion’????????please loose my number!Stay away from me or I’ll get a restraining order on your ass✋???? But here is a trophy you honestly deserve ????????????for pulling your bulshit right in front of my eyes.
If a man loves he can change his ways for you but you can never change a player into a husband, nilikutana na baba
yao!you live and you learn ayeee!Anyhu Potential Sponsors Where you @ ma niggas ????????we could get away n go to Dubai cz my ex fiancé didn’t want me to go cz he was taking the other woman ????????I wanna be the ‘OTHER WOMAN’????????Wifeys don’t get nothing but a diamond ring and a bed full of lies n God forbid diseases. Slide in my DM n let’s tour the world Mr Romantics out there we could get away n go to paris or the bahamas ????????
What am I even saying ???????????? (I keep our business personal but you pushed me to the edge) *drops mic*,” read one of Michelle Yola’s posts. Here are the screenshots of the conversation between Michelle and the lady Prezzo cheated on her with.