Harmonize is handsome ambitious artist and that’s why he has been labelled with Diamonds Platnumz EMB records. He has talent and gift undeniable, opening his doors in music each day.

But one thing has stands out when he pops up. Just like his boss Diamond he has been dating older lady than him whom many refer to as ancestor girlfriend. For real everybody thinks he behaves just like his boss who is married to, older but gorgeous Zari Hassan.

Let me call her former girlfriend to Harmonize, Jackline Wolper has never shied away from showing her love for the younger harmonize. She also recently confessed to have dated both Ali kiba and Diamond Platnumz.

Though their times together have not been smooth sailing but turbulant times together, they keep on parting ways and coming back together. They seem confused in their relationship when they hang their dirty linen to the public.

So recently it’s rumoured they are not together again and this is what he posted on his social media.

But what doesn’t add up is the fact that Harmonize has just posted a photo on social of a white lady with a caption that read, β€œπŸ‘ͺ πŸ’•πŸ’• UJINGA WAKATI WA KWENDA.”

After which he posted this pic, could this be his new catch after Jackline Wolper?