I thought being solely focused on looks were vanity! EvidentlyI i must have thought wrong and yes, there are hot and sexy men in this nation who give city girls sleepless nights.

Most of these men have moved from controversy to controversy with their scandalous lives putting their names in not so enviable position. But the girls just don’t want to listen, they still go on to love these celebrities over their hunky looks.

Just for the record, there are so many to-die for male celebrities who have gone through horrific scandals but the following have topped the charts being the kings of lover boy’s controversies.


I must agree he is old (or older). His time to get married has since passed, but who are we to judge. The guy has had it rough, from trying to show his nakedness to the public to being rumoured of getting beaten by small girlfriend – I never thought she couldn’t hurt a fly! He has had a long chain of girlfriends from his ex wife to socialite Huddah Monroe and then came the jaw dropping news that he was dumped by socialite gilrfriend, Michelle Yola for cheating. And still; lasses want to get a slice of this Nairobi Dairies’ King of scandals?


Bien Aime Baraza-Sauti Sol

Many would say he rants like a baby. First of all, we know this singer has a dancer girlfriend but why complain over simple chocolates? Bien got angry last Valentine’s over chocolate he was gifted by a PR company.

Did I mention how he called international artiste foreign bullsh*t?  He is also known for ranting on journalists and of course making his opinion known. But still city girls will do anything to get this man?


Willy Paul

After his Tiga Wana track exploded, Willy Paul’s conversation with a fan went viral with him hurling insults at a fan, with words strong enough not to be printed here. He did not stop there, Willy Pozze is known for exchanging women like underwear, even after he was accused of impregnating one, claims that he denied. And the girls still forgive him for being accused of trying to ask for nudes?

King Kaka

He has the lines, and is one of the baddest rappers we have in the country. The rapper shocked many after he impregnated fellow singer Sage and his girlfriend almost at the same time. He must have been a genius and of course there is that person who was obviously cheated on. Well, these girls seem not to care about how many baby mama’s this Kichinjio hit maker has, some are willing to become a third baby mama.

King Kaka2


Vituko galore! If you want to make headlines, call upon this gospel singer to make it easier for you. After having rent arrears at his Karen  house, Ringtone went ahead to accuse Willy Paul and Pitson of planning pregnancy accusations on him citing that they were jealous of his Tenda Wema Nenda Zako hit which was received well.

“SO @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. SHAME ON @willypaulmsafi and SHAME ON @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. Imagine they did all those evil things to me because TENDA WEMA WAS HITTING. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I PROMISE YOU @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. AM NOW FREE AND THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. 1) Rent issues 2)pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous.”

ringtone a