A lot has been said concerning rapper Timmy Tdat and singer Dela. For the first time, we got a chance to chat with these two on camera to clear things for their fans out there.

The two have been rumoured to have been dating after a video of them exchanging saliva in an elevator went viral.

They had also been seen holding hands and looking all lovey dovey in different events mid this year. This came weeks after the Inaweza hitmaker was ditched by ex girlfriend Kush Tracy.

Days later, the play boy was seen lip locking with an air hostess in the car. And yes, he had the guts of taking a video of his private affairs.

The Kasabun lad is known for attracting lasses with his well chiselled torso. But then is Dela still interested with the ladies’ man?

“Hizo swali madem ndio hujua kujibu. We are not dating we are just good friends,” Timmy said

Dela added:

“No, we are not dating, Hahhahahaaaa….”

Timmy then denied the claims of ever dating the singer,

“Hatujawai date, ni watu wanaongea.”

He then pointed out that Dela is one of the baddest divas in the music indusrty, fans should all forget about Beyonce.