Some celebrity memorable proposals, that of TV hunk Willis Raburu and his heartthrob Sally Mbilu. The romantic in him is said to have gone down on one knee and popped the magic question. She said ‘yes’. And he popped a Sh100,000 engagement ring. That was in 2014.Willis-Raburu-Sally-Mbilu

From then they started posting photos together and even sharing love messages on social media. One of the best memories was posted just some few days before Valentine’s Day last year as Sally celebrated her birthday.

“Happy birthday to my kindred soul @sallymbilu. Every day is a celebration with you in my life,” Willis commented on Instagram.

Since pressure has been mounting on social media with bloggers alluding that the two might not be together anymore. Willis is reported to have said that the wedding was to take place in 2015, but that was never to be.

When asked if the two were still an item during an interview last week, Willis only said he had heard rumours of a break up from a blog. He said he had no comment. Sally, who is known to be media shy, was not available for comment.

Because of celebrity status, many artistes and TV personalities often endure public scrutiny over their private affairs. Whether it is about their individual issues, family or work, the spotlight is always on them as gossip columnists hunt for articles that the public like to read. And it is not always about the good stories.

When Adelle Onyango broke up with her fiancé after two years of her engagement, she had to go through professional counselling due to the heartbreak and since, she has never opened up to speak about what happened to their love affair.

In the last one year or so, love seems to be in the air as many celebrities have come out speaking about their engagements and curiosity has remained high about some of them.


Among those who got proposed to was Capital Lifestyle’s Sharon Mundia, a much talked-about sensational affair that saw her boyfriend take her on a chopper trip to Mount Kenya where it all happened. Sharon’s unprecedented proposal took many guys by surprise as she is one beauty many had eyes on. That was in May and everyone seems to be all ears for the sound of their wedding bells.

Another TV girl and top actress Sarah Hassan also got proposed to by her boyfriend Martin Dale in October, an affair the two announced on social media. The two took off to the United States the other day, where Sarah is now undergoing her studies. This is another couple everyone has their eyes on. Besides, Sarah, being a gorgeous career girl who has achieved success both in acting and TV left many hearts broken. Some, perhaps, still hope the announcement can be reversed.


It was only last month when fast-rising comedian and radio host Chipukeezy unveiled his girlfriend Vivian whom he proposed to during a birthday date held at Villa Rosa Kempinski. The comedian had hinted that he would make the big announcement and when it came, it left many hopeful lovers heartbroken.

And talking about heartbreaks, there is Martin Kimanthi, a city hunk who went on one knee last year, asking Sharon Mwangi’s hand in marriage only for the two to part ways months later. For the few lucky ones who find true love online, this seemed to be the case with Martin, the fine guy behind Teen Republik and the beautiful blogger and stylist Sharon Mwangi.

That was last year and eight months after hitting it up on social media, the two were engaged. The soft-spoken TV presenter and the brand ambassador of From Hopes and Dreams youth motivational programme came out to set the record straight after he confessed that the couple were no longer an item to the shock of many who shared the joy after photos of the two dominated social media.

“It felt right and we were in love so I proposed,” Martin told Pulse as he revealed the circumstances that lead to the rushed engagement.