Last week Mishi Dora and Pierra Makena got in a social media brawl which gave rise to heat of words between the two. Mishi Dora is one of the controversial socialites in the television show, The Nairobi Diaries while Pierra Mkena is a well-known Dj in the City.

Pierra Makena decided to take legal action against Mishi Dora.She is said to have told her lawyer to take defamatory action against the socialite.

Pierra Makena
Pierra Makena

However,Kiss 100 presenter Shaffie Weru had some advice for Pierra Makena on his  column the Reverend which features in the a Star.It’s fair enough to say that Shaffie Weru had a good reason to do so. After all ,he was the host in one of the Nairobi Diaries show  which has it all.

Mishi Dora

The presenter told Pierra that it will be better for her to keep of Mishi Dora because she and her socialites counterparts are bad news. He added that she should let them fight among themselves because they will smash his lawyer,boyfriend,baby daddy and even her father.

Shaffie finalized by stressing that she should be afraid and deal with while the show is  still on break because the socialites will come after her when the show returns.