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Another pair that had it going was Dodoma Singida star Moustapha and Chokoza artiste Marya. Then a fresh-faced upcoming artiste, Marya was head over heels over the former one-half member of Duex Vultures.yzie2qfubqzidg57597d88db8bd

However, they soon fell apart and on Wednesday this week, Moustapha took to Instagram to explain why they broke up. He accused the Chokoza star of cheating on him to the chagrin of many who found it rather immature for him to air secrets about the relationship long after it was over.

Apart from a few relationships born in the recording booth that have flourished, many producers and established artistes have been accused of duping female artistes.

A story was told in hush-hush of the shenanigans Tanzanian artiste Mr Nice pulled while on his comeback bid, mischiefs that are believed to have led to his unceremonious discarding by the record label.

The artiste was said to have had an affair with an upcoming female artiste from the same stable he was signed to.

“They used to (do it) all the time. While Mr Nice was having a time of his life, the female artiste thought what they were had was a concrete affair that would lead to something more,” said a close source.

Not so long ago another artiste, Libby, had to come out fighting after online rumours surfaced that she was getting favours from her record label.

The Rusha Mikono and Fimbo ya Kwanza artiste, refuted the claims, saying,

“No! Refigah is like my big brother. A part from business, we are good friends and that’s all I can say about that,” Libby then reported to the press after another falling out with another artiste who had accused her of being the “main chic” at their stable.

All this is not just a current phenomenon.

Celebrated award-winning American star R Kelly was said to have taken advantage of the naivety of rising star Aaliyah, who passed on in 2001. The two got married secretly when she was 16 and it took the intervention of her family to annul the marriage.

According to femcee Femi One, who has just dropped a new audio with Xtatic called Usiku Mchana, female artistes are at the mercy of men how run the showbiz scene.

“The reason why I signed to a management company the moment I started recording was to make sure I did not come into contact with these sexually-starved elements,” says Femi One, adding that her management team organises, arranges and negotiates deals on her behalf.

The rapper explained that it was not only producers, but everyone in the industry who want a piece of you.

“Fellow male artistes, promoters…even you media people, everyone seems to want a piece of us. These claims are very rampant in the industry,” she reiterates.

Sadam of Picha Moja says that the showbiz scene is full of hot-blooded youth who look for any opportunity for sex.

“These things do happen. People take advantage of the power they have, especially audio-producers. I have heard instances of female artistes who are themselves willing partners in this exploitation, hoping to get an upper hand over others” he says.

Another leading female star who did not want to be named as her claims will jeopardise her work, states that some producers slot female artistes late at night to trap them.

“Go to many studios in this town, and you will realise most producers slot female artistes in the evening hours. This is all a plan to make sure she leaves the studio late… or have to sleep in,” she says.

A studio set up in the CBD area had gained notoriety for being a sex den. The studio, run next to a tattoo shop, was thronged by young, hot-blooded aspiring artistes who ended up having illicit sex in the confines of the booth.

“Some producers have beds and couches next to the booths that are meant to be resting areas for sessions but we all know what the beds are for,” observes the female artiste.