The long hours spent in the studios might be a default arrangement by some producers to have “alone time” with female artistes. According to a number of upcoming female artistes, many producers take advantage of their naivety to sexually exploit them, in an endless game that is apparently geared towards “helping us penetrate the market”. While others have found love grown to be something meaningful all together.

Every now and then, a female artiste finds herself having to fend off claims of being in a relationship with a producer, or stablemate. While these claims keep coming up, there are a number of artistes who have genuinely found love in the studios.

Take the case of Brian Okemo and his wife Sugar.Rapper-Sugar-696x409

A couple of years ago, I visited Phoenix Studio, a few metres off Ngong’ Road, for an interview with the then recently-returned K South rapper Bamboo. When the gates to the palatial home that houses the studio were opened, Brian Okemo, the CEO of Phoenix, warmly welcomed me in.

Besides Bamboo, I met female rapper Sugar and other upcoming acts, who sat patiently in the living room watching television and enjoying some popcorn as they waited for their time in the booth.

“This is Sugar, my girlfriend,” the lanky Brian said of Sugar, who just smiled.

The couple got married in July of 2015, and they have a daughter. They had been dating for five years, even as they took a more business-like approach to matters whenever she got into a booth to record.


The soft-spoken Sugar revealed that part of the reason he fell in love with Brian was the friendship they had nurtured.

“I can tell him anything and he will try to understand before judging me. I love him because he is loyal, faithful, funny, my ride-or-die dude and he loves me for me,” she charmingly added.

“Brian is very good with children, he wants a football team and so do I,” Sugar joked at the time. Others too have had a thriving relationship after meeting in the studio.

Timmy T Dat and Tracey KushKush-Tracey-Timmy-Dat-5

Until Welle Welle rapper Timmy T Dat reached out to the entertainment desk on Sunday crying after getting beaten and losing his girlfriend at 1824, the artiste was in a thriving relationship with Kush Tracey, she of the Huwezi Ni Dandia fame. The two, who met in the confines of the hot booth at Pacho Records and have been at it for months, accompanying each other to events. They were even involved in an accident one early morning in April.

In fact, at the time kicks and blows were raining on Timmy on Sunday night, Kush was by his side. Kush had not spoken about the incident by the time of going to press.