Linet Munyali, alias Size 8 is popularly known for her vocals and prowess in music. The song bird was on Friday morning at Kiss FM, where she dropped three singles dubbed Bless My Way, I Can’t Imagine and Mwambie, where she reveals her rapping skills, as she emotionally sings about struggles we go through and how we should give all our troubles to God.


She says that her main agenda for the song “Mwambie”, is not popularity or to get money, but reaching out to the youth.

The video is shot in Mathare because, as she says, she was trying to reach out to the people in her hood, Mathare, Korogocho and every other slum in Kenya.

In the video, there are people doing drugs, a thief, a woman who’s getting pregnant left right and centre, a prostitute, people who are jobless and she is trying to reach out to these people, assuring them that there’s hope.

“This is a song to the young people. My song is talking to you. I don’t know what place you are in or what place you’re stuck. This song is to tell you there’s hope.”

She also stated that the main cause of crime is hopelessness, because after the struggle, having no one to depend on or to talk to, it becomes the only option for many.

Advice to young girls out there is do not look for short cuts.

” Your body is more important than 100  shillings, or 200 shillings, 1000 bob or that 1500 that you need there and then. Hustle, start small. Do not despise small beginnings. ”