Weeh! Forget about the Kenyan video vixens and socialites! There is a new booty queen in town. Her name is Amber Lulu. She is from Tanzania. Lulu is really blessed. Her well-endowed curves and mammoth buttocks are driving East African men crazy!


Lulu, a video vixen cum socialite, has been making headlines of late thanks to her gorgeous body. Lulu was branded the name “Amber” by her fans because of her short signature hairdo that resembles that of the American socialite Amber Rose. Known for her series of twerk videos, Lulu is never afraid of showing off her flawless body and her new photos have left many scratching their heads.

She is beautiful. She is the queen of Tanzania now. She has dethroned the likes of Agnes Masogange, Wema Sepetu self-proclaimed Tanzanian queens. Lulu’s looks have always mesmerized Team Mafisi and leaving women green with envy. No one can match her, not even Huddah Monroe.