Kenyan socialite Alhuda Njoroge, popularly known as Huddah has turned out to be a favorite of many, with her stunning looks and hot body.

The sassy lass has grown from a naive, overly ambitious young girl to a mature and independent business lady and is apparently one of the most influential young celebrities in Kenya.

Many young girls seem to look up to her when it comes to running a business and landing endorsement deals after her lipsticks venture turned out successful since 2016 and it’s thriving as we speak.

Huddah Monroe

But when it comes to her love life, Huddah has never revealed any man in her life until some time back in September 2016 when she finally introduced the man who had swept her off her feet, admitting that she was love struck.

The cute couple flaunted their romance on social media for a while and were inseparable but sadly, the love didn’t last for long and in just 4 weeks or so, Huddah revealed that she had broken up with the hunk, who was rumored to be a Nigerian.

The beautiful lady revealed that she was too young to put so much energy into a relationships admitting she was not ready to be in a committed relationship because she had goals to achieve in her life first.

Huddah Boyfriend

I’m single and not searching. I am not ready. My life just started. Damn a relationship is a full time job. I have too many things to catch right now. And feelings aint one,” she wrote.

But now months after she left her then man, Huddah has gone ahead to throw shade at the hunk, telling him that they never had a thing and that she was just there for the sex, so he should just move on.

This was after she shared a photo as they kissed and I wonder what the problem could be. Could the guy have tried to get her back or did they have a bad argument? Check out the screenshots below and be the judge.