Huddah Monroe lives a pretty expensive lifestyle. That’s what many people tend to think. Her cars, endless trips and the amount she spent to get her boobs done are all some of the reasons why many think she’s an expensive Kenyan lady.

huddah 9

She has made it clear a number of times that she is a business lady and not a socialite even though she came to the limelight as a socialite.

Her business seems to be booming considering she’s been making so many trips across the world, or so we tend to believe her business pays for the trips.


During one of her trips to London, she got to meet someone who drives a Rolls Royce.She was pretty impressed with the sleek car and her imagination ran wild after the owner asked her to get in the car.

So I went downstairs to get a cake – I saw this massive Rolls Royce – I was like cool . Let me take a pic , luckily the owner showed up ,Tall, handsome White man looking like a BAG of Money and he was like “take a pic inside” , “stand by the door” – He Opened the door ETC.”

huddah 1

Most girls would be more than happy to get the chance to take pics inside the car that we only see in showrooms. But as she thought that she had finally found the man of her dreams,  things took an ugly turn.

So as I took pics , I was there thinking that I found myself that down to earth, RICH, ENGLISH White man , but only to find out he was so GAY 🤣. His partner , Hot Black Guy came in a Mercedes Maybach , pecked him and off they went 😩. My knees became weak 😒🤷🏾‍.”

Ouch!!!! That must have one really embarrassing moment for her.