Different people ushered the New Year in different ways and at different places.

While others were sleeping, some were in church worshipping, others got laid, others filled bars to get drunk and others died! Sad fact!!

But for one sexy lass Huddah Monroe, her celebrations were taken to the sea! Obviously, being the entrepanua she is, she was most certainly rolling with a sponsor!

 The yacht she was pictured cruising across the oceans with was by no means a poor man’s possession.

During her voyage in the high seas, the fantamagorgeous yellow yellow sexy socialite made it her personal duty (it’s always her personal duty) to update the world on how she was balling, or how BIG she was balling!

While others went out to some dingy and dimly-lit backstreet bars (read brothels) in downtown Nairobi, Huddah was having a time of her life with the fishes and other aquatic creatures.


In the heat of the moment, Huddah Monroe paraded her tender-looking thighs and buttocks, had some photos taken and displayed them on her social media pages for Team Mafisi to salivate!

She wrote:

“Your body like an action movie. She said she want it rough not smoothly.”

See the photos below.

Parental advisory to Mafisi: Be ready to get extremely HORNY!!!