Huddah has always been a woman of wonders, be it good or bad. She has been linked to controversies and scandals left right and center.

It seems to be making her even more famous although sometimes she does things that are so irrelevant. She is best known for always addressing issues that surround her even those that are plain petty. But maybe that’s how she prefers to rock her boat. Who am I to change that?



About a few weeks ago, she announced that she had 1 million followers on instagram. Well, she had to announce and feel all mushy mushy about it considering she’s the first Kenyan to hit a million followers on instagram.

Well, she has decided to hold a party because of that, inviting her followers to go party with her this weekend.


One of the guest invited to the party is one El Presidente, Prezzo. You shouldn’t be surprised about this considering she claims he’s her ex. Well she revealed news that no one really wasn’t expecting to hear.

She said that apparently Prezzo is the one that broke her virginity. Too much information, right? Well that’s Huddah for you.

Taking to social media she said, Buried the hatchet…. And the once love of my life ….The nigga that broke my virginity (T.M.I?😂😂) will be coming thru to HUDDAH MILLION PARTY 🎉 … El Presidente @prezzo254 👌🏾.