Rapper Octopizzo is finally coming out to put his house in order after the harsh allegations that plagued him last year.
Remember the story out there accusing him of being involved in the death of one Kenneth Abom?

Octopizzo accused by family of having altercation with dead Strathmore University student
The boy who died after jumping out a window in his apartment.

After that whole ordeal, he now wants to go back to church and help carb suicide among the youth. The only problem is that the pastors really judge him according to what he wears.

I do not go to church because I always feel judged but I want to go back and start praying to God, not as a person packaged by pastors

Octopizzo said this during a Headspace254 event at the Kenya Cultural Centre on Wednesday, an event meant to highlight the rise of suicide among Kenyan youth.

Octopizzo spoke deeply on this issue saying that most people from the informal settlements use music and art as a form of therapy. From January, Octopizzo says he made it his journey to talk and deal with mental health.

I have thought about mental health in two critical times, the first time was when I lost my mother at 14 years. I have had to deal with it since then. The other time was when a boy jumped off a house and died.

Octopizzo says he saw that he needed to take all the things young people are going through seriously. He emotionally talked about Kenneth Abom’s death saying,

If the boy could be here today, he would have been taught a better way to deal with issues

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Octopizzo/ Instagram
The problem runs deep for him because as an artiste you can easily fall into depression or suicidal thoughts based on all the anxiety one goes through as a creative who needs to make fans happy or face trolls.

Creating music is not easy because it is daily creative anxiety and for me, chewing nails helps me get things right. All artists people, in general, get stressed and people have different ways of dealing with stress

Octopizzo went on to say that in the informal settlements they were taught that mental health is a rich people’s disease but he has come to realize that people are committing suicide from all walks of life.

The more we talk openly about suicide, the better equipped we will be to help people who are struggling with suicidal ideation and those directly affected by the loss of a loved one, Octopizzo emphasized.