Juliana6Mean Judge Ian Mbugua of TPF has finally spoken about Juliana Kanyamozi ‘s pregnancy and he has come out to address the rumours that he is the man responsible.

Leading Ugandan entertainment site, Big Eye, reported that former Tusker Project Fame judge Ian Mbugua was the alleged baby daddy of Juliana Kanyomozi’s unborn child.

Juliana hasn’t publicly confirmed she’s pregnant leave alone being knocked up by Ian Mbugua.Judges-Ian-Mbugua-and-Juliana-Kanyomonzi

The Ugandan singer lost her only child, Keron Raphael, who passed on at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi in 2014.

Ugandan blogs have reported that Juliana is pregnant with another child, and Big Eye even hinted who’s responsible for Juliana’s pregnancy.

Big Eye says Ian and Juliana have been dating secretly and that the songbird was even planning to travel to Nairobi where she will deliver her child.

Ian was contacted  to clarify the claim and he was totally amused though he didn’t deny or confirm he was a dad to be.

“Yes I am (referring to whether he heard about Big Eye’s claim). Had a good laugh. I really really really hope you’re not going to ask me to comment.”

 From the gesture, Ian obviously denied impregnating Juliana Kanyomozi.
 “Former Tusker Project Fame judge allegedly responsible for Juliana Kanyomozi’s pregnancy” Big Eye titled their headline.jul943

It is often said that good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. True to that saying, true friendships are a breathe of fresh air and a blessing which Tusker Project Fame judges, Ian Mbugua and Juliana Kanyomozi share.

The two turned up for the Coke Studio Africa over the weekend and it was a happy reunion, particularly for the Ugandan songstress. She took to social media to appreciate Judge Ian with a lovely message for always being there for her.

She wrote,

Look who turned up at Cokestudio yesterday. Ian Mbugua . You have always been there for me. Strengthened me when times were tough last year , and always encouraging me in my music career. I thank the lord almighty for friends like you. God bless you “Judge Ian”.
#‎THANKINGGODFORTRUEFRIENDS‬ian1Judge ian mbuguas Family

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