Nicki Minaj cleared up some dating rumours on Tuesday.

The rapper looked giddy as she stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to spill the beans on who she is dating, and it’s not Drake who called her ‘the love of my life’ at the Billboard Awards on Sunday.

The beauty confirmed something is going on with singer Nas. She added, however, that she wants to stay ‘celibate’ for a year.


When asked if Nas likes her breasts – which she exposed at a fashion show – Nicki said: ‘He’s so dope. He’s such a king.’

She added, ‘We’re both from Queens. He is the king of queens and I’d like to think I am the queen of queens. He is a rap legend. I have a lot of respect for him. And he’s cute too.’

She clarified: ‘I go to him. Him coming to me was too forward.’


Ellen said if you go to his house you can leave when you want. Nicki laughed and said that is why she likes Ellen, because she is so smart.

Minaj said she has not done ‘the nasty’ with him yet because she’s ‘chilling’ and is ‘celibate’ and she wants to go a year without sex because she ‘hates men.’

The audience burst into nervous laughter then applauded. She said she might make an exception to the rule for Nas though because she’s so ‘dope.’


Ellen then applauded Nicki’s nine-minute opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Nicki said that when Drake, who was sitting in the front row, caught her eye, she felt ‘nervous.’