Earlier in the week, grapevine had it that actress, Kate Kamau had gotten engaged and was planning a wedding. Curiously, there were no photos to back the claim.0fgjhs4819pq7b1qd-2db46d50

               Kate Kamau (left) with her best friend Ida Alisha in a past photo.

A congratulatory message from actor Gerald Langiri commending Phil Karanja for slipping a ring on Kate Kamau’s middle finger was enough to set the internet aflame.

The internet celebrated. After almost a decade of dating, Mother-in-law’s Celina finally had a ring to show for it. Or did she?

There was even a far loftier tale than the engagement one, that, Karanja and Kamau were now planning a wedding. A 2016 celebrity wedding that would shake the nation.

Since there was no ring to justify the claim that Celina aka Kate was now officially bethrothed, we sought to get to the bottom of the whole tale.


Kate Kamau and her boyfriend, Phil Karanja

And get to the bottom we did. Because we can, we made correspondence with Kate. We wanted to find out what sort of ring she got and how much it cost.

Funny enough, she was as shocked as we were. According to her , she is still not engaged.0fgjhs59mj6m71s9l-718071f4

She however promised that when she finally got the ring, her fans would be the first to have the information.