Top Kenyan femcee Femi One set the rap world on fire last year with her beef track Pilau Njeri, which was intended for her fellow rapper Njeri, known for her hit song Nduta.

While at it, Femi One also took shots at other female rappers in the local industry like; Sosuun, Kush Tracey, and Notiflow, something that didn’t go down well with the said parties. So far only 2 of the rappers have dropped reply diss tracks for Pilau Njeri.

Njeri was the first one to release a comeback, Conoka, with the diss track also getting attention more so because of the hilarious video and not the song, since she raps in Kikuyu and not everyone can understand the language.


Bisexual rapper, Notiflow was the second one to follow suit with her track Forehead, though it didn’t get much hype compared to Njeri’s song, but at the end of it all, Femi One went home a happy girl, because that was her intention in the first place, as a wake up call to the female rappers.

After Pilau Njeri, Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One did not take a back seat, since she believes female rappers have relaxed in this male-dominated Hip-Hop scene, and thus she needs to drop more songs to stay on top.


She recently released her latest project with one of Kenya’s top rappers, Kristoff aka Mluhya wa Busia, on a new collaboration dubbed Tippy Toe, which also introduces the new dancing style in town.

I recently sat down with the down to earth rapper and what I like about Femi One is that she always keeps it real and never evades any kind of questions.

This time around, I decided to take things up a notch, instead of asking her about her music, I got personal with a few quickfire questions, where she got to open up more on things we didn’t know about her.

Femi One revealed that there is a misconception about her sexuality and that a lot of people out there think she is gay, just because she raps, a genre of music mostly associated with music, after I asked about the funniest thing she’s heard about herself.

The other thing she revealed was the worst pick-up line she’s ever heard from a guy, the two things she can’t leave the house without, and then her lowest pay since she started doing music, you will be shocked it’s not as low as you may think.

Watch the video below as Femi One talks about her sexuality and why she is perceived as a lesbian, plus more.


Photo Credits: Instagram, File