Hardly a few days after Mike Sonko’s daughter Grace Saumu Mbuvi held a lavish graduation party, rumors of her being locked up in cells after causing drama were flying in various media reports.

When contacted Saumu denied the reports terming it a ploy by her ‘enemies’ to tarnish her name.

“I have never been a drama queen, as insinuated by a section of people. It’s obvious that there are people who will never say anything positive about you as long as you are doing well.”  She said.

  Saumu recently graduated with a degree in Mass Communication
Meanwhile is Saumu planning to get married to his boyfriend?opkblqp523hanuzy577f719fb336fWhen 25-year-old Benson Gatu was called to the microphone to give his congratulatory speech, he wasn’t just another speaker.

A number of politicians and other prominent personalities had showered the girl of the day, Saumu, Sonko’s daughter, with many gifts, but this one was a bit special.

Benson walked towards a jovial Saumu and hugged her warmly before reaching into his pocket.

“I did not bring any present but I have something little in the pocket at least…,” he charmed before pulling out some clean dollars an equivalent of Sh250,000.

Saumu was clearly smitten. The two became a little bit flirty and after a little silence hugged again.

Sonko watched them keenly from his seat, smiling all the while. This is one relationship he has been following for quite a while after Saumu introduced Benson to the family some time back. It is something close to the Senator’s heart. This is a family affair.

Once a while, Benson and Sonko would engage in light banter. At dinner time, Sonko himself called Benson to the family table where they all dinned together.

A tycoon, one of Sonko’s guests, also offered to pay a holiday treat for the two lovers leaving it to them to choose the location and time. They nodded in agreement.

At the end of the party Benson and Saumu left together.

Pulse has learned that Benson, a young businessman, is an upcoming politician. He comes from Murang’a County.

“It is not clear whether he is eyeing the Juja parliamentary seat or another seat in Central Kenya but the truth is that he has shown signs that he is cut for politics. Everyone has been waiting for him to make the big announcement about his 2017 bid and he could do so pretty soon,” a source close to the family told Pulse.

“It is for this reason that people believe that these two (Saumu and Benson) could be planning to wed before the politics start. Benson has already been accepted by Sonko’s family and now he is a close pal of Sonko. I think he is mentoring him politically and for that matter, he wouldn’t mind the two making their relationship official. After all, they are always together wherever they have a free moment,” added our source.

Sources have it that Benson was one of the forces behind Saumu’s Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology students’ leadership bid where the two were studying.