Janet Mbugua is loved for her charming girl next door aura. The Citizen TV news anchor wears many hats from media personality to mother, wife, fashion-trend-setter and is strong on giving back to the society through her charity.

Being that awesome doesn’t come easy.

Once she narrated how she almost quit her day job to be able to raise her baby boy, Huru.

This year has been a pretty busy one for Janet. In her blog she writes about how she had to take a step back from all her projects to actually re-evaluate how things are going.

Janet is the founder and brains behind Inua Dada whose sole aim to to empower the girl child. She had to make a presentation to a group of women at the Karen Country Club, but she realized, she wasn’t ready.


Janet says,

“A few days before this presentation I took a moment to reflect. I realized that I wanted to start over, to re-align myself so that I can move forward with my projects with clarity. I realized I’m tired, jaded and discouraged, feeling like I’ve been taking on too much at the same time. To top it all of, I’m raising a new family and running a home. I’m burnt out. But I’m glad I know, so that I can fix it. And fixing it for me begins with going back to my passion projects, where my fire burns most. That and taking a break with Baby Huru and Baba Huru, which is in the works ☺️”She added, “I’ve realized that sometimes it’s ok to go back to basics. It’s ok to feel frustrated and jaded as long as you can get to the root cause and begin working it out. It’s ok not to be ok…sometimes. As long as you’re willing to fix it. People around you may not understand it but that’s fine, because you need to be healthy for you before you can be healthy for others.”