Zari has had a rough and tough time lately, with various girls coming out to reveal they have secretly bedded her fella Diamond, as she (Zari) went through post birth difficulties.

Despite what’s been thrown at her over the past few months, Zari has refused to be backed into a corner and has continued putting up a brave face on social media.

But inside, she is gutted and wants the world to swallow her, according to close family pals.

A family pal told us: “Zari feels Diamond has really stabbed her with a sharp knife and twisted it, it’s not going to be the same again. She’s heartbroken and angry. She cries all the time when she’s alone, she is shocked and feels numb.”

The pal added: “Zari thought she was a good calculative woman who calls the shots in her relationships. Diamond is a celebrated singer. But she thought he was genuinely in love with her. In short Zari is supposed to be Diamond’s fantasy. She thought he was obsessed with her but his celebrity status has got him other beautiful girls… it’s killing her.”

“She understands most men cheat, but Diamond keeps throwing it in her face. That’s what really hurts her most,” the pal concluded.

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Celebrity Diamond has bedded a string of girls behind Zari’s back.