Celebrated Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai, has used uncanny words to insult former Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko, who had earlier bashed CORD leader, Raila Odinga, in her column in a local daily.

On Monday, Mutoko penned an incisive article saying although President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed terribly, Raila Odinga is not the best alternative as CORD supporters and leaders have been shouting.

“It’s worrying when you look keenly at Raila Odinga (not with the eyes of a fanatic) but in the hope of him as an alternative and your stomach churns. Even as Prime Minister, Raila seemed unfocused, obsessed with politics, dazzled by his own voice and words. Sadly Raila has always been better at opposing than creating,” Mutoko wrote.

Mutoko’s message stoked embers of rambunctious CORD supporters including Robert Alai who called her an addict of blue movies.

Alai said Mutoko is a loose lady who sells her ‘wares’ to get promotions. He also said that Mutoko never went to Harvard University but went to a restaurant near Harvard where she was watching blue movies.

See part of Alai’s fury

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