The whole world associates Valentine’s day with love….Since red is a color of love. People believe that red allows them express how they feel about someone in a special way. From red roses, to having sweet red wine and even dressing up in red.

We all love red, its a bright color and gives us the confidence to walk with our head high and show the whole world what we are made of.

On the other hand, there are so many colors that would make this day special and unique in its own way. It doesn’t have to be red. The color world is made up of so many colors that would speak volumes about how you feel on that day

Try out dull outfits

Most people don’t fancy going out in dull colors. Especially when going out with their significant other.

Ruched brown dress


Since 2017 is a year of doing things differently,let’s try out some dull colors. From army green, navy blue, brown or even a dull orange would work out just fine.

Natural Rigby Dress


Dull makes you look calm and composed. It allows you have some good time during your valentine’s date. Reason; You do not have to worry about stain you picked on the way being seen Or maybe some stew spilled on your dress. Dull colors give you the power to still rock your outfit and have fun without anyone noticing that you have a stain

The secret to standing out in dull colors is having well chosen accessories to match with your dress or tunic or a pair of dull jeans. If its silver jewellery please make it silver all through. Do not mix silver and gold or silver with any other colored jewellery. You could mix up colors if the jewellery, if a piece of it has some silver in it. This is one dress code rule that most women do not follow at all. We assume that people have no idea of what is going on but for keen fashion spectators, you are a total mess.

So go to that clothing store or wherever you get your clothes from and pick up a dull super looking outfit with nice accessories and look forward to a different valentine’s day.


Try out a different “bright”

Orange cinched waisted dress

You could spruce up your evening or daytime date by dressing up in a different bright color and owning that look.

Try out an orange dress. Orange signify that you are in for a social date and your are happy person. This gives the other person confidence that they can engage in a meaningful conversation with you and that you are easy around them.What about blue??Blue allows you to be in control. Dressing up in blue portrays an air of mystery and an intense appeal of your sense of passion.

You can play around with many bright colors this valentine’s. There is an array of colors that you can choose from. How you decide to put on your outfit really matters a lot.

On the other hand, don’t be too bright or rather too dull. Play around with accessories to give your look an edge at the end of the day. Do not conform to the “red” tradition. You don’t have to be like everyone. Come out and do something different. Being unique puts you above everyone else. Step out and be different