Looking like Mayweather clearly has it’s perks. And the chap whose tale is going to be told totally looks like Mayweather. Take a second to appreciate the alliteration.

William Bugeme is his name and he bears such a striking resemblance to Mayweather that I have mentioned it twice but the more interesting story is the fact that after Ivan’s remains were interred into the earth, he spent the night with Zari.

You see, he and Zari share alot in common but chiefly, their shared interest was Ivan Ssemwanga. And upon his passing, they found themselves consoling each other. he was the only Money Team member who didn’t turn on Zari and I guess she appreciated it. And even though Kampala is her home base, Zari found herself at odds and probably not wanting to spend the night alone, she decided to chill will him.

Check out the photos below:

ZARI-AND-bOSS-768x769 Zari-and-Boss-Mutoto1-768x662 Zari-and-Boss-Mutoto3