It is a joy to celebrate milestones with your kid. And an even bigger one to celebrate a new year with them.

Over the weekend Jaguar celebrated his son, Jay’s birthday.

Jaguar took to social media and wrote.

“Happy birthday son…”

Kenyans as usual want to know everything about everyone.

Ruth Exodus asked, “Kwani how many kids do you have jaguar?”

This sparked an online debate. See the reactions.

Eliza Shiku: Anafaa atujibu hio na zile horrible songs zake

Enock Jay Kipkorir: Three kids..2 girls and a boy

Mercy Ngina: Ako na bibi wawili fanya hesabu sasa ya watoto…lol

Jossa Junior K: Songs na birthday zinaingilia wapi,, aki mahaterz si mko wengi..

Marilyn Wambugu wrote, “He is a responsible dad.”

Lizzsimaloi Ronnie: Another kenyan afraid of minding her own business.

Esther Gichumba Tandu: Happy birthday handsome. Jaguar I have a daughter, so we can be good in-laws🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Wanjiru Kanyeki: Happy birthday baby J….I still remember that peaceful look you had the day you came to this world. You are all grown up now boy and very handsome am sure mum is proud to see you as dad is. May God protect you and grant you many more years Jay😍😍😍😍

Here is a photo of the birthday in which comedian Chipukeezy was the MC.