Yesterday Jaguar – real name Charles Njagua took the oath of office as the newly elected Starehe MP.

Jaguar’s first order of bizniz is to let his haters, fans, future fans and constituents know who is the king. Prezzo are you listening?

 The award winning singer told his fans and constituents, “I thank all those who’ve walked with me through my musical journey; My overwhelming fans, fellow musicians, producers, deejays, presenters, promoters, corporates. To assure you I will not quit on music.”

The star has now released a new single dubbed Ndoto.

“Its now close to two decades since I first set foot into a recording studio. I thank God for this gift that has over the years been an inspiration to millions of listeners in my country and beyond,” Jaguar said.

The song is about a dream he had of being a super hero like TV star Rambo and boxing legend Mohammed Ali and how it has come to pass.

Speaking to us, Jaguar said that  Ndoto “aims to be an inspiration to the Kenyan youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams”.