It has been weeks of headlines and social media was abuzz when Jaguar knocked down two motorists who died on the spot. Sad moments indeed for the family who lost their loved ones. After he stuck to his story that it was him who was driving the range rover.

Though evidence indicated that he was on the passengers seat, he has completely stuck to his made up story to protect his girlfriend? Maybe. He has vowed to protect the lady by all means. Maybe she is the one… who knows.


Musician Jaguar of ‘mwaka huu lazima nipate’ seems the year for him has started on the wrong foot but as you know things might work in his favor and somehow get away with it as of Pastor ng’ang’a of neno evangelism centre. And Live his life as normal.

Today Jagaur was arraigned in court for the offense and was released on 50,000/- bond. Let us watch and see what happens.