Celebrated Kenyan musician Jaguar is truly a loyal man.

He has always been ready to give back to the community in whichever way he can.


Once again, he has put the needs of others before him and lent a helping hand to yet another Kenyan. Today Jaguar has helped out a disabled from Nairobi.

Jaguar has been involved in many charitable activities for a longtime now and today as he was heading to his office at the NSSF building, he found a handicapped man by the name James Kafwa who was struggling to get up the building.


After seeing the situation in which James was in, the NACADA director decided to ask him if he had someone to help him move around.

James told Jaguar that he had no one to help him since he is just a Shoe cobbler in Eastleigh. Jaguar was moved by the story and decided to send his bodyguard to buy a new wheelchair for James which came after an hour.


The delighted James couldn’t hide his joy after discovering from the security men of the building that the guy who had bought the wheelchair for him was Jaguar.

James later on requested the security guys to call Jaguar to come downstairs so that he can thank him personally.