After spending a few days in the cold floors of a cell, right after landing in Tanzania from South Africa, Vanessa Mdee was the talk of town. Before that dies down, she is smack in the middle of another scandal.

vanessa purple

The Tanzanian songbird has been accused of snatching someone’s man. A woman only identified as Nicole was recorded giving a friend the scoop of how her baby daddy, who hanOs been identified as Noni Hino, has been having an affair with Vanessa.

She revealed that ever since she gave birth three months ago, Noni Hino has not made the effort to go and visit his child.


She also said both Noni and Vanessa are staying at the same hotel, but did not mention its name.

Nicole went ahead to reveal that she once called the man’s line but she was shocked when Vanessa picked the phone. Another time, she called Noni, and they got into a heated argument that ended up with both of them calling each other names. He then blocked her and in turn Nicole blocked him, too.

vanessa and jux

Nicole sells shoes in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

When asked when he’s planning to visit the baby, Noni said he’d visit but she has never seen Noni at her house.

Nicole was also heard saying that Vanessa and Jux had gone their separate ways. The two celebrity lovebirds have not been seen together in a while. Word on the street is that they have broken up.