About two years ago, former NTV presenter Janet Kanini-Ikua went public with an astonishing announcement. She was ailing from stage-four lung cancer! This piece of news was unexpected and it hit us in a very shocking way.

Everybody who knew the beautiful TV girl was devastated by her revelations. However, Janet took it all in her stride, fought like a soldier at the war-front, conquered all the fear that comes with such realizations, to emerge victorious in that battle with the deadly disease.

She went to India for treatment and earlier this year, she declared that she was cancer free. Throughout the traumatizing and costly ordeal, Janet maintained her posture as a strong-willed woman who was determined to see a positive end of the battle. And she did.

Now, months after he cancer-free declaration, she is working towards her physical fitness. And she is doing it in the most amazing way possible.