Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua is all about being positive. That is why at 3am this morning she sat down an wrote a blogpost about negative people whose sole in life is to being down others. Kilimani Mums kuja msome hii.

Here is Janet’s post.

You’ve buried your head in the sand too long. You’re looking for validation from someone, something, but you want to jump to that part without putting in the work to get validation from yourself first.

Stop lying to yourself.

You sit around gossiping about other people; their failures, their successes, who they married, what they wore, how they walk, what they say…but what does that have to do with how you’re living your purpose? Does it make you feel any better, any more authentic or superior? It does? Therein is where the problem may lie.You see, we’re all terribly flawed, some more than others but I’m beginning to realise that this has a lot to do with where one is in their journey. No excuses for those who refuse to learn! But again, they too are entitled to making and learning from their mistakes.

I see mothers baiting their daughters to talk ill of someone, not with the intention of teaching them right from wrong, but rather magnifying their weakness and insecurities through their children, who turn into mouthpieces of shaming. But, what’s the end game? What’s the take home here? Ask yourself before you turn your children into negative thinkers. Either pray for the person you’re talking about together, reach out to them to have a sit down or be quiet. Stay true and stay honest.

I see friends rally one of their own to walk down a path they know will eventually be self-destructive. Maybe she’s doing too well too soon and they don’t want her to magnify how little they’ve done with their own lives. Maybe he’s too progressive and they don’t want to be the ones playing catch up down the line.
Whatever the case, they somehow feel like it gives them the right to make sure this person doesn’t shine. How does this satisfy your ego? Wouldn’t it be better if you shine together? No? Too simplistic for you? I beg to differ.

You write out your disdain for someone you haven’t met, ranting, instead of looking inward and asking, ‘What am I doing to change what it is I don’t like about them? How is it helping me if I spend those 5 minutes online, trolling, when I could be building myself?’ You’re projecting and it’s not healthy. Or helpful.

Look inwards, if you want to start doing the things that make you truly happy.

Look inwards, when you find yourself talking cheap, gossiping for hours on end, shaming, defaming.

Look inwards, when you begin to find yourself constantly angry and upset with everything and everyone around you.

Look upwards; He will guide you through your journey of self-discovery which, while it can be liberating, is littered with pain, frustration and exhaustion.

Look inwards and upwards. Stop looking outwards, you won’t find any peace there.