After a long silent, Kidis has talk about his journey of music through one of his latest song called Jembe. His career of music it has not been easy for him to be where he is right now. Kidis has struggle and thank to the Media his songs can be listened all over the world.

kidisKidis says that, ” Jembe finalizes everything from where he started and to where he his. It took many year for him, to get that spot light i mean publicilicty. Music has thought him many things in life and for that, he will always put more effort in music “. If you can remember Kamua Leo the original version which he did with Totti and later did the remix which featured artist like, DNA, AMELEENA, and WYRE. Twajichanganya was popular which ruled kenyan Airwaves.

kidis jembeJembe, another hit which has been produced at SQ RECORDS by Amz from Mombasa while the video was directed by Tiger. The song has a big message to young teenagers or let me say to the upcoming artist. Not to give up instead to keep trying in what they are doing, even Rome was not built in a day. kidis finishes by saying that,” Shut-out to all my fans because it was you all made me to be where i am today. Thank you all”.