Jimmy Gait’s cover for Adelle’s song Hello has finally confirmed what has been an open secret that he is a fraud. From his first song back in the day, there has always been something sinister about his career as a gospel artist. He is preoccupied with money; most if not all his songs are about money or manipulation of situations to make money laced with insinuations of the gospel. Interestingly, not many people even in Christian circles can bear his testimony. True to form, he keeps a small circle of friends but is hawk-eyed for upcoming and popular artists to do collabos with and retreat to lay in wait for the next opportunity.

Controversial Gospel Artists

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

Contrary to Christian doctrine, Gait has been associated with being gay accusations fanned by his mannerisms and dressing. To be fair to him, anyone can fail and many gospel artists have been associated with unbecoming or outright sinful behaviours. A case in point is Ringtone whose effort to create a ‘bigger than life’ image of himself has left little or no room for suspicion of what his intentions are. His public fights over the control of musicians earnings with Music Copyright Society of Kenya(MCSK) are legendary.

Across the border, there were media reports that Rose Muhando aborted reports that she has not denied. It is also rumored that Rufftone married fellow gospel artist Kystal  when she was heavily pregnant by him last year. Thesen rumours were however disproved when they had their baby on their wedding anniversary.

Rufftone & Krystal

Obsession with Money 

Jimmy Gait’s case however, is a special one: while he has adopted a powerful style of making music by telling stories, you get the uncanny feeling that the stories are real and he is exploiting other people’s misfortunes for commercial gain. Secondly, his music is commercial; it is made to make money and not to help the Christian in their spiritual journey – basically, there is no message. A good example is

A good example is Huratiti and Ma-Kekez. True to form, he has attempted to steal credits to songs he has nbeen featured in as was the case with Furifuri by D.K Kwenye Beat. Finally, he is always on the look out for opportunities – any opportunity that he can utilize to grow his brand and sell his music.

Willy Paul – Attempted Rape?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

However, Gait’s antics can be matched if not exceeded by Diamond Platinumz wannabe, Willy Paul. He is a big disgrace to the kingdom of God and the gospel music fraternity. He gets a special because a lady identified as Suiyankaonce accused him of attempting to rape her.

His obvious obsession with Diamond which he publicly confesses is a great embarrassment. He practically a, albeit bad, copy of Diamond. He copies the Bongo and international superstar’s music, dressing and recently got himself a yellow-yellow girlfriend like the mega-hit Number One star. Secondly is that he doesn’t do any original music. His music career is an embodiment of the adage that ‘GOOD artists COPY while GREAT artists STEAL’. Finally, his sexual escapades put some secular to shame. The worst was when he was the allegation that he was caught having sex with a fan at a show venue.

While it is okay for people to make money and do their thing, it is wrong to do it in the name of the Lord.