Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has come out to address some embarrassing incidents that happened to him when he was at the lowest point in his life.

There were rumours swirling around that Jimmy Gait had been evicted by his landlord for non payment of rent. At the time, he was living in a posh estate that also houses other A-list gospel artistes.


Asked about it, Jimmy Gait explained,“That has happened to me a couple of times, however, I recovered from it and i’m in a much better place in every way. This is what I say, failing is not a problem, the problem is settling in failure. You can always rise up from any falling no matter how low it is, if you believe in God and have hope in life. The greatest people who have done the greatest things in their generation have also had some of the greatest failures but they refused to stay down. They picked themselves up and were able to rise up again to the top. I am one of those people who don’t make apologies for failing. I would rather fail after trying than not trying at all.”

So, is Jimmy Gait broke? How have you invested your finances as a creative?

“I have invested my money in building business structures and systems that can sustain me in future even if am not singing. I am a visionary so I see ahead and I plan ahead; always working towards my future. I’m a believer in giving up what others are having today so I can have what they can’t have tomorrow, doing what others can’t do today so I can do what they won’t do tomorrow.”


Do you have a side hustle away from music?
“Yes, I am an entrepreneur.  I do business and I have a passion for it. I do music for the impact and to give hope to my generation and I do business to make money.”

Jimmy Gait just released a new single, Cool Your Temper, in it he addresses the non payment of rent and also sheds some light on being dumped by a person he thought was the love of his life.

“When i was starting, i was broke and couldn’t pay rent and was kicked out of my house severally. During that period my girlfriend left me for a  friend of mine who had money and a better life. It was a very painful experience that took me a while to overcome. I put to song all those experiences to reach out to anyone who could be going through the same experiences.”


The Muhadhara hitmaker also spoke about his activities when he was on a musical hiatus.

Jimmy said, “I was working on other things and formulating a strategy for next phase of my career. As an artiste I have achieved a lot but I  needed to step back in order to refresh,  re-energize and re-strategize my return.”

The reason why Jimmy Gai has opted to release Cool Your Temper whose inspiration is drawn from his life, is so that he can “give hope to people who might have gone through a hard year. It’s hard out here, people are losing jobs, losing families, even wealthy people are dying with stress. Mine is to encourage them to wait on God for His time is the best. It shall come to pass in the fullness of time. As an artiste I have matured beyond seeking hit songs I do heart songs, songs that mean something to someone.”


Asked about online trolls who are always making fun of his song titles. A tactic he used to market his latest music release. Jimmy Gait trended for a number of days before finally unleashing, Cool Your Temper.

“I just laugh through them, Kenyans are so creative. I also pick out the things that help me grow and I ignore what doesn’t.  I’m a positive thinker and I have learnt how to sieve through whatever I hear. They never affect me negatively and I have no hard feelings whatsoever.”

That said, check out his latest release below.