Jose Chameleon’s son, Abba Marcus, aka T-rex is slowly following into his dad’s foot-steps and at his young age, the rapper is now giving many a run for their money. He is not only gifted in dropping bars but is also a good swimmer who is pretty known in Africa.

He dropped his first song Game Over which was recorded in his father’s studio in 2015 and later released a video that did well on YouTube. With a single song he managed to win a lot of fans in Uganda or should I say East Africa.

Jose Chameleon has been on the forefront helping his son with his career and so far things are looking up. The young singer has also been performing at hits dad’s concerts and daytime events giving him more exposure to have a good idea of how the business works and a good contact base from a young age, and T-rex Smith is certainly taking advantage of it.


Abba Marcus aka T-rex rise in popularity seems to indicate that he is destined for stardom levels similar to his father’s. As Jose Chameleon gets older, he’s going to need someone to replace him in the younger generation and what better person than his son?

If he continues like this, T-rex is certainly has the talent and the capability, so only time will tell what he ultimately does with it.

Checkout his first music video below: