It’s only this year that Jua Cali has been very vocal and even posted more photos about his family. Not much was known about his family in the past years.

Jua Cali has been a married man for over a decade. The king of Genge however kept his family away from the prying eyes for years.

Jua Cali and his wife Lilly Asigo.

Jua Cali explained in a recent TV interview that he chose to hide his family because he didn’t want people pestering them because of his music career.

Not so many Kenyan celebrities have managed to keep their family out of limelight even when they tried. So how did Jua Cali do it?


Hits after hits

Jua Cali reveals that his successful music career acted like a wall that separated his family from the public. He explains that people were so preoccupied by his music that quite often they didn’t bother to ask him about his family.