Ugandan mega star, Juliana Kanyomozi, has set up a foundation in memory of her son, Keron.

Keron passed on at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi while undergoing treatment. He was only 11 years old.

Now, Juliana wants the world to always remember her precious son by starting a foundation that caters to children.

Juliana told Matooke Republic, “It was inspired by Keron. He loved children and he hated to see disadvantaged children like street kids suffer. He always used to tell me, ‘when I grow up I want to have a place for kids, I want to buy toys for kids’ ….. He had a soft spot for others. When he passed, I wanted to do something for him and what better way to remember him than do something he was passionate about?”

The foundation will cater for disadvantaged children, the girl child and women – especially young mothers.

The foundation’s logo was adapted from Keron Kabugo’s real handwriting.

“I wanted something as original as possible. I used his hand written name. I picked it from one of his books when he was still in P.2. I didn’t want to use his P.6 handwriting. You can tell it was written at a time he was much younger. At first I thought I would use his picture but I decided to settle for his name,” Juliana explains.

One fan of the Ugandan singer was so moved he wrote, “I tell it to myself that you are too good to be living in such a crooked world. Never heard you fight anyone whatsoever like most musicians. You lost your little Angel to the Heavenly worlds but you are still keeping your head up high bekoz you know he is in a better place with his fellow Angels..
now you are yet to open up a Foundation in his name to help out a lot of needy children and people. OMG, such kind of generosity antics make my have those emotional tears.
May u live longer and healthier JK.”