Being the first female musician to win the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) ‘Artist of the Year’ accolade, the ever so lovely and gorgeous singer had gone silent. For two years, there had been a lull in Juliana’s music career but the beautiful Ugandan artiste made a comeback into the music scene with the song “I’m still here.” The song’s official video was released yesterday on the 30th of March and has since gained 16,200 views overnight. There is no doubt that Juliana Kanyomozi never lost her fans, not even for an instant as they were praising her for making it back into the music scene.

Juliana's new song

The elegant multiple award winning singer’s song is inspirational as it depicts the struggles and challenges she faces and the willpower to overcome them. Like the title of the song, the meaning behind it is centered around having the ability to get up after you fall and having the courage to still face the world. This has made fans from all over the world love the humble Juliana Kanyomozi even more. Who wouldn’t? She remains one of the most beautiful and talented singers East Africa has seen.


However after the video was released, a few critiques were quick to point out the similarities between her video and that of Jennifer Lopez’s “I ain’t your mama” music video. They claimed that she had borrowed a few ideas from the “I ain’t your mama” video as the two do have a few scenes that look similar. Here are pictures of the scenes in both videos that look alike and got haters talking.

Jeniffer Lopez and Juliana Kanyomozi
I’m not your mama – Jennifer Lopez Vs I’m still here – Julianakanyomozi
Jeniffer Lopez and Juliana Kanyomozi
I’m not your mama – Jeniffer Lopez Vs I’m still here – Juliana Kanyomozi