Ugandan singer, Juliana Kanyomozi, has threatened to take Ugandan tabloids to court over continued “insulting and tarnishing” her name. The singer says that she is tired of being abused everyday by different tabloids.

She claims she has complained on several occasions but they still go ahead to tarnish her name.

“Tabloids have insulted and tarnished my name for the last six months, and I have been quiet. I am more than ready to bring to an end this incurable disease of tarnishing Ugandan celebrities. I’m going to sue these tabloids. I have built my name for years, this is going to be a good lesson to others,” Juliana angrily said. see the story below

This comes a few weeks after reports circulated on different tabloids indicating that Juliana is pregnant.tcjdmxgze0gx5t576bd98004606

It all started when Juliana Kanyomozi’s phones all got switched off. Then came her social media break. Many kept wandering what had happened to this super sex siren.

Weeks back, we reliably learned that Juliana Kanyomozi was pregnant and over 3 months pregnant. But the question remained? Which man had belled the cat? Remember the Tubonga Naawe Project? Well, Juliana Kanyomozi was one of the major stars in the project.

During the artists dinner organized at Munyonyo, Juliana caught the eyes of one of the influential NRM cadres who was in attendance. Immediately, numbers were exchanged. In order to disguise their relationship (since the man is married), the two used to meet in one of the suites at Serena Hotel. Juliana would always book in earlier and the man would pounce in hours later like a thief.

At the moment, Juliana is having a maternal leave in the sky-crapping streets of Nairobi and keeps going for antenatal check-up at Aga Khan hospital.

“She only comes to Kampala once in a while.