This Tuesday as Justin Bieber was riding down the streets of Barcelona one of his fans grabbed him through the open window of his car.9da8771e-d8a8-4f32-ba11-4eccb996544a

Justin Bieber instantly punched the fan square in the face for his actions.The fan was shocked that Justin Bieber punched him and split his lip . The video of the incident is going viral across the internet.

This video captures the moment a Justin Bieber fan went too far and got his clock cleaned by the popstar himself.

As Justin Bieber was riding his Mercedes sedan through the streets of Barcelona. The rear window of his car was open and the star was greeting all his fans through the window.

Many of them ran beside the vehicle trying to get a better look at the pop idol.


However one fan was more than a bit out of line. The man ran near the car and attempted to grab the singer multiple times. It seems he succeeded and even put his head inside the open window of Justin Bieber’s vehicle.

The video shows how Justin Bieber’s fist collides with the fan’s face pushing him out of the vehicle.

Justin car rides off as the fan was left bewildered with a bleeding lip.0fgjhs566o8d0lo59-785f2a8b

The effeminate fan is extremely shocked that he was punched in the face out of all people by his idol Justin Bieber himself. A lot of women instantly gather around the man and he begins to show them exactly how Bieber punched him for touching his face.