K24 reporter Job Mwaura is being accused of being a deadbeat and Kenyans, including his ex-wife, are looking for someone to blame. Fellow K24 employee Nancy Onyancha has now been dragged into the drama as the evil woman behind the failing marriage.

Job Mwaura is currently tangled in nasty court drama with his ex-wife.


K24’s reporter Job Mwaura

The K24 Swahili reporter is currently on the spotlight after his ex-wife Diana Kimanthi exposed him for neglecting her and his 3-year-old daughter forcing them to rot in poverty in Kayole.0fgjhs7l1hk9acm2v-29d711f5


Nancy Onyancha is a swahili News anchor at K24

But in between all this drama a woman has been consistently blamed as the initiator.

According the sources Swahili news anchor, Nancy Onyancha, who also works at K24, is being blamed for the wrecking the marriage after starting the affair and making Mwaura forget his family.


The two allegedly started the affair in 2016 and are still together now. She hasn’t responded to the allegations.

More drama for K24’s reporter Job Mwaura

Can you spot Mwaura in the photo? This was during Onyancha surprise birthday party at the K24 offices


Recently they walked out together

Mwaura and Kimanthi met when he was just another promising intern at Citizen TV back in 2010 and was allegedly leaving in a Mabati house in Mukuru Kayaba.

Watch her on the video below during a surprise birthday party