Alvin Kabogo, the rich son of Kiambu governor,William Kabogo has nailed a hot girl who seems to be of Arabian descent. Alvin rose to fame his spending, world tours and the affluent company that he keeps in and out of the country

She looks Arabian. I can’t be too sure. What I’m sure of is the fact that, the son of Kiambu Governor William Kabogo, Alvin Kabogo is head-0ver-heels in love with a yellow-yellow girl.

The lad who has previously been a popular face on Kenyan social media with his spending, lifestyle and his penchant for the fine things in life seems to have finally decided to settle down with a pretty one.

On social media, where he uploaded the photo below, Alvin wrote:

“NOORHANNNNN better half. Miss you 7beebi #crazyone #dontmess #forgiveMyFace”


Of course, in the study of love, unless you were blind, that means that the governor’s son is a step closer to getting those cute pointie babies.