The long wait is over. Harusi tunayo! 

Kalekye Mumo amepata mchumba.

This is truly the month of love.

Kalekye clocked 40 with a lot of pomp and colour at an all white party where she unveiled her new rocking bod.

Now, she is unveiling her engagement ring to all her fans. Seems like Mr. right has finally popped the question. Kalekye is yet to give her answer because she has to choose the perfect ring from a number of options that her ‘Mister’ has brought.

Here is the huge rock she is showing off.

The former radio star wrote, “#TeamKalekye Choices choices choices, he brought them ALL, sooooo what do you think, should I go for this one? #HelpKalekyeSayYes #ValentinesBae #LoveIsReal ????????????”