– Kalekye Mumo recently lost 40 kgs on her 40th birthday

– Her new look has stunned many especially after she appeared on the popular show, The Trend, on NTV

– Kalekye says that what one eats determines the weight they accumulate

Kiss 100 presenter Kalekye Mumo has left the internet literally breaking after she appeared with a new look after shedding 40 kilogrammes.

For those who knew or had seen Kalekye a few months ago, it was total disbelief when she appeared on NTV’s The Trend show on Friday, March 25.

Kalekye Mumo's new look after shedding 40 Kgs

Kalekye Mumo with her co-host Shaffie Weru before she lost the 40 kgs Photo: SDE

We have all been hearing that Kalekye lost 40 kilos recently but we never imagined how she looked like. She also turned 40 the other day but that did not make news as her latest achievement.

But when Larry Madowo brought her to the show, well, social media went crazy, with users and viewers remaining dumb-founded at Kalekye’s newly found figure.

Kalekye Mumo's new look after shedding 40 Kgs

Kalekye Mumo after losing 40 Kgs Photo: Larry Madowo

The waist is a killer, the curves are a thing to marvel at and of course her chubby face is all gone.

If you haven’t seen her for the last five months, it will take a whole council of elders to convince you it is the same Kalekye you used to know.

Even her host couldn’t believe it.

Kalekye Mumo's new look after shedding 40 Kgs

Kalekye Mumo stunned many when she appeared on the Trend in a new look Photo

Kalekye says that she took in the advice of her doctor who recommended that she cuts on certain meals which she says were the reason her body was ballooning day in day out.

She had grown too fat to an extent that moving her legs was becoming a problem. Her weight was overcoming her and something had to be done.

Kalekye says what one consumes greatly affects their body.

Kalekye Mumo's new look after shedding 40 Kgs

Kalekye Mumo shows her curves after shedding 40 kgs Photo: NTV

Since getting the medical advice, she has been on a serious diet, kept the right company that would control what and how she eats and has cut on certain meals completely.

Sugar and starch no longer get through her mouth as advised by her doctor.

And when Larry shared one of her photos, here are some of the comments that came in:

Kalekye Mumo's new look after shedding 40 Kgs

Change is really. Kalekye lost 40 kgs Photo: NTV

Waweru Kariuki What is this the Kalekye I know. What a transformation. Hard work pays she looks beautiful. I love that.

Ben Paps Whaaat, amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I know the struggle, kalekye uf that’s really you, i have hope i really turn a ship around easy, looking B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L

Shantalle Ana Wangari Amazing is an understatement larry….

Cheru LA Ideal body…. Who said African ladies are to be fat and attractive… No! If mumo can slim then it will be a silly excuse for the lazy to be fat and fluffy…. I did quit smokin, can you quit sitting and work out.

Imeldah Marcos She looks amazing, keep up Kalekye Mumo

Laar-venda A Dorcie If only people knew how hard it is to loose weight; you’d appreciate her efforts.It’s very very hard to lose weight. and losing 40 kg in 8 months isn’t a joke

Suji Aketch Wooooow she looks incredible waah so pretty.

Hilda Mutambi This is nice mumo.u look amazing!

Sandie Beckie Blessing amazing indeed!She looks perfectly awesome

Kanana Regina this is hard work gal for mi its Like LiKe n LIKE…… the fact is she was more than her weight n she needed to work on it n she has done it kudos gal!!!!!! its easy to gain weight but losing iy tooo tooo too hard…… congrats minlike wat i seeeeeee….. n u larry marry!