Kambua Mathu lost her father almost three years ago but the memory is still fresh in her mind. Whoever said time heals all wounds lied.Kambua-696x497

Kambua’s father Professor Manundu who used to host a health show on NTV dubbed passed away in 2014.

Th gospel singer who also hosts a show on Citizen TV shared the pain she was going through in a touching tribute on social media.

This is what she posted.

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I think of you often. Everyday. Sometimes with tears but more with a smile. I will never forget the day your heart stopped beating and mine continued to beat. I wanted mine to stop too. I felt like it did. But God in His wisdom saw it fit that I’d be here creating part of your legacy and more.

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There’s a rawness in my heart whenever I think back to the precious days before God called you home. Maybe I’ll have to live with that…and maybe it’s ok. Because it will always remind me that a precious part of my heart now lives in heaven. Today is not your home going anniversary…it’s not even your birthday…it’s a day like any other, where I will myself to live and make you proud. Koma nesa daddy wakwa.