After being subjected to bashing from various quarters for many months now, Pastor Victor Kanyari now has a reason to smile after his younger sister made him proud.


The lass who goes by the name Wahu Kanyari, alias Starlet Wahu, scored an aggregate grade of A at the prestigious Kitengela International School, Tuko reports.

She managed to excel in her exams after scoring five plain As and one B.

Kanyari who has been in the media for all the wrong reasons in the recent past was reportedly overjoyed and in good spirits because of his sister’s stellar performance.

Just like her brother, Wahu has had her own share of controversy after rubbing people the wrong way.

She has been faulted time and time again for dressing provocatively and taking raunchy photos which according to some social media users is affecting her brother’s ministry. The irony!

Here are her photos Team Mafisi, feast with thine eyes.Kanyaris-Daughter-Wahu-700x420Wahu-1-338x420Wahu_Kanyari27-405x420Wahu_Kanyari21Kanyari-Wahu-700x420

Meanwhile, Kanyari whose dubious ways were exposed by KTN’s Mohammed Ali a few years ago, recently launched a scathing attack on his ex-wife Betty Bayo.

In a post on Facebook, the man of the cloth faulted Betty for being unloyal and not sticking with him when the going became tough.