Kanye West calls himself god to who? May be to his wife and children though he created none. It was surprising to hear god Kanye had a mental instability and had been admitted for treatment late last year. But it was true that he had to cancel his saint pablo tour.

He had to be admitted in hospital for treatment after he had a mental break down. His wife Kim kardashian was called by his husbands best friend to convey the bad news. Later Kanye got to the phone but all he did was just cry. According to their reality tv show the kardashians.

Their marriage since then has been on rocks though struggling to hold it together it seems things have started to show, after Kanye failed to accompany Kim for gala event on Friday night.

Kim did put it clear that Kanye was in the house resting. After Kanye left the hospital he appeared at the Donald Trump house with the president elect and everybody wondered what they had been discussing taking to consideration he was unwell mentally.

Anyway to this weeks news, Kanyes Instagram and tweeter accounts have been deleted or gone blank since Friday- reason is unknown. He has enormous followers on his accounts it is weird that his accounts are off. Is something cooking lets wait and see.