Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena can surely shake a leg.

While being hosted by Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o on their breakfast show, the soft-spoken anchor was challenged to a dance-off by the duo.

Dena’s flexibility was evident as she gave Jeff and Jalas a run for their money, dancing along to Diamond and Patoranking’s Love You Die.

From the fans’ reactions, Dena evidently outshone Jeff and Jalas, with several of them urging Jeff to stop dancing and take a seat:

Nyambuu Irene Woooow

Bräh’ Yérñ Awèsømè But jeff has some jungu moves, the “hakuna matata” kind

Sophie Kadima Dorcas Najat Checki vile kanze ana ni represent waaah so proud of her atleast she’s a living testimony that after the storm the sun rises

Ndeke Mugendi Isaac Waaa!!! Kanze has killed it.

Betty Bea Gachari aki ya ghai kanze ako sawa…na ukamuona akituita ‘mpenzi mtazamaji’ huwezi dhani anajua kitu…

George Odina Jeff was just a good boy until he met Jalango,this is now called adulthood peer pressure. Lol

Wairimu Wa Munyi Kanze effortlessly killing it and enjoying herself

Jalas trying too hard

Jeff needs a seat

Jaber Nyar Ben Jeff Koinange you need to take some dancing’re dancing like a jungu

Jacquie Migide Jeff should take a seat with the rest of us who are left legged