Captain Otoyo Sibuor has been exposed by the girl who is carrying his unborn baby. She tells Ghafla! Otoyo and Mashirima Kapombe have split… Among other gripping details.mashirima

Friday morning two girls walk in to Ghafla! office, a bootyfull girl and the other one heavily pregnant. The news they carried left us wondering whether the Kazungu Matano they were referring to was totally a different person from the Milele FM presenter we know.

For starters, Kazungu Matano is the popular ‘Otoyo’ you used to see on Papa Shirandula. He now calls himself ‘Awinja’ on Milele FM.

So this girl, Faith (second name withheld) told Ghalfa! Kazungu Matano knocked her up and has since refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy.

Faith claims Awinja has blocked her on all avenues she could access him, the reason why she rushed to Ghafla! For help. She cited a recent incident where guards at Kazungu’s apartment in Pangani denied her access past the gate when the Milele FM presenter denied knowing her yet he used to take her there for matters debauchery.

The lass told us that Kazungu and KTN’s Mashirima Kapombe were no longer an item as they broke up due to Kazungu’s philandering ways.mwashirima_cover

Faith asserts that she’s carrying Kazungu’s child. She says she’s READY to take a DNA test anytime anywhere just to prove Kazungu smashed her raw and impregnated her.

She says she’s not after Kazungu’s money but only wants him to take responsibility for knocking her up. The vexed Faith further exposed Kazungu for being a playboy who has fathered several kids with a number of women across Nairobi.

But how did she meet Kazungu? Faith says she hooked up with the Milele FM presenter through a mutual friend and things graduated quickly as she spread her legs and got pregnant even before their affair became official. (She says it wasn’t a one night stand neither did she love him, theirs was only a banging affair).

The six month pregnant girl says she only decided to expose Kazungu since he gave her blue ticks. She disclosed she was fired from her job because of her pregnancy and now she wants Kazungu to step in and cushion her for the loss of her job.

Ghafla! Tried contacting Kazungu since last Friday but he hasn’t responded to our calls. He only texted back to say he was equally shocked by Faith’s pregnancy claim and even thought we were pulling a prank on him.